Our shoes are carefully designed in New Zealand and lovingly made by our manufacturing partners in Indonesia.


Part of making the world’s best children’s shoes is sourcing the world’s best materials. Bobux shoes are held to an extremely high quality standard, they need to be durable, flexible to children’s movements, and easily adjustable for the perfect fit. It’s this level of detail that makes Bobux a better fit, more breathable, more comfortable and provide more protection than any other children’s shoe in the world.


The most common material in our shoes is leather, which we hand-select from some of the world’s finest tanneries to meet exacting child-friendly standards. Our knits were developed uniquely for Bobux by leading materials scientists and the wool lining found in some of our cold-weather shoes is sourced from high-quality Australian and New Zealand Merino, the softest wool in the world.



The very first soft sole was made from carefully selected, high-grade leather and today leather is still the most common material used in our shoes. Our team visit tanneries to select special grades of leather that are softer and more flexible for easy and free movement. Not all leathers are created equal, some leathers offer different characteristics and we use each in a way that it contributes to the overall composition of the shoe. We use a variety of leathers to achieve different looks, finishes and textures alongside designs that are carefully crafted to showcase the premium quality of the material.


Tucked away in the remote parts of New Zealand and Australia lives an incredible breed of sheep who grow the lushest wooly coats in the world. Merino wool is very different to the wool your grandmother knitted sweaters from, it’s not itchy and scratchy like other wools. Merino wool is unlike any other wool, uniquely strong, super fine, durable and provides breathability that no other wool does. One of the most incredible characteristics of Merino wool is its ability to regulate temperature, keeping little feet cool in the summertime and snuggly warm in the winter.


Every material that we use at Bobux needs to follow our vision of being the most flexible, breathable, adjustable and durable material available for use. There simply weren’t any existing knits that met all the needs of our active children, so we designed our own. 

The synthetic knits and textiles used in our shoes are designed specially for Bobux in partnership with materials specialists at the Auckland University of Technology. Hundreds of hours of research, design and testing went into creating knits that were both durable enough to follow every adventure and flexible enough to give kids a free range of movement.


Each one of our shoes is hand assembled from components that we craft individually. We work very closely with key manufacturing partners, many of whom we’ve been working with for over 10 years. It’s the people who make our shoes who help us keep this high standard, so we thought it best to tell our story through them.


It is important to us as a company that we do good in the world, so we only work with ethical, professional manufacturing partners. We work closely with our factories and their professional craftpersons to create a healthy and safe working environment. We have long-term relationships with the people on site and travel regularly to work together in person during the design and production process. Being deeply involved in production is essential to deliver the best solution and it is a part of the adventure we are very passionate about.

We make shoes for children, so we want to make sure we’re protecting the world they will grow up in. With a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, Bobux continually seeks improvement opportunities. Over 50% of our products are already shipped with only recyclable packaging, and it’s our goal to take this to 100%. We’re looking at every part of our business, from the way we make our shoes, the materials we use, to the way we ship them, and setting goals for a better future.